Purple and pink


patterns in nature

Eromanga at sun set

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Originally posted on Tales Of Wanderlust:

The capitol city of Phnom Penh is a captivating assault on the senses. Riding along the streets by Tuk Tuk, you instantly become immersed in this crazy harmony of unified chaos. All of the scooters, motorbikes, and the odd car intertwine with what appears to be no actual road rules at all. This combined with the exotic smells from traditional street food mixed with a sometimes over powering smell of burning rubbish can be a confusing mish mash of aromas. This mayhem can be confronting when you first step off the plane, but I felt at ease instantly and loved every moment of it.

Let me just state that the food in Cambodia is amazing! Traditional Khmer dishes like Lok Lak and Amok are to die for and became a regular favourite of mine. Not to mention every day I would have at least one fresh coconut and usually a…

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Pelican saturated in golden light

Green leaf


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