In my garden

Ive been busy developing my new venture


I am currently in process of developing an Australian tourism company, AUSWAY TOURS which is dedicated to bringing a combination of culturally enriching, relaxing and enjoyable tours to both international and Australian travellers aged 45 and over.
Specialising in solo and small group tours for like minded travellers. Each tour will have its own unique theme to provide exceptional experiences for each group.Some tours will be exclusively for solo travellers and additional tours will be for couples.

 One of the primary tours the company will be focusing on is situated throughout the South East Corner of Queensland, concentrating mainly on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.As the business expands new destinations and experiences will be developed to provide new and exciting experiences.

I hope you can join me on my new venture, website in under construction now!!

Ill keep you posted Cheers Callie

Artists at work at the Sunshine Coast

Sun Rise at Mooloolaba.

More whale shots

Whale Watching at the Sunshine Coast

Yesterday I had the most awesome day going whale watching on a boat called the Wild One, saw lots of mother whales and her babies.I haven’t stopped smiling since.

Mapleton Falls

we visited the beautiful Mapleton falls,we went on a nature walk through the canopy of the rain forest, listening to the waterfall and the abundant birdlife.