Poisonous Politicians

What an embarrassment the laughable labour party is:

Aren’t we THE LUCKY COUNTRY with witchy poo Julia and dud Rudd as our precious leaders?

I mean we have Kevin flicking his hair back and forward and Julia riding her broom back and forward.

I wonder how much this latest episode has cost the Australian public; we must look like complete wankers to the rest of the world.

Did anyone let these politicians know that the world is in a financial crisis as obviously they don’t know; they are too worried about being dishonest, distrust worthy and disgusting people within their own party?

I believe we the people of Australia should have voted as it is our country NOT THEIRS, time has come for Julia and Kevin to hop on Julia’s broom and fly to Never Never Land as they won’t be missed by the Australian people.

It is time to take care of our valuable country and consider the real issues at hand, and not your (Julia and Kevin’s) preschool mentality. Be great when you both reach high school!

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