Well I think Im nearly ready for the “Wild West


I probably should say what im doing, Im cooking on a cattle station.

Its been a real thinking game of what I need to take; when you will be 360klm from your closest shop, No mobile service and what  medical supplies etc…..etc……………etc…………………….

Busy Bill (dog) has got a few extra toys to take with him for his long journey. Bill will get a bit of  shock, just hope he stays away from the snakes, wild cammels,emus and dingo’s.

My car has had its service and check over THANKS TO CK motors at Maleny.

I still have to buy my scotch,wine and cigs and then I think im done.

I will take 3 to 4 days to get there and take photos along the way.

Ye ha! I love an aventure.

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