My Journey

My trip to the Wild West to work on a cattle station.

My first day I left Noosa at about 7:30 am and arrived at Roma at  about 4pm, Billy the dog was so well behaved I thought I must have the wrong dog with me. I pulled into a motel and asked did they have a room available? This is when I found out that the place is thriving and manic and No they had no accomadation  they told me I wouldnt get any where to stay,so went to the tourist imformation centre and she rang around and I got the last room in the entire place and that was only because someone luckily cancelled. So for $120 a night in a cabin at a caravan park on the outskirts of town No A/C .

So if you are going in this direction be sure to book before hand.

The image I have here is taken the next day on the way to Charliville, searing heat, lots of road kill,(Kangaroos, Emus and Pigs) millions of crows, by the end of the trip I really got to appreciate the crows as they eat the road kill, so I could all ways tell there was something on the road to avoid,so I could slow down and not hurt my little car.

The roads were ok, miles of bitumen , not a sole to be seen for many, many miles.

On my second day I arrived in Quilpie.