6 thoughts on “This is my place at Woomanooka station.

  1. What a god little home for you and busy bill. Hope you had a great easter monday.Saw a t.v. show about the dinasours at Eramanka last night.

    1. Yes it is a rain water tank,there is no water out here except for rain water and river water which the windmill pumps up to 2 other big tanks. There is no electricity,shops, the nearest town is 360 klm away.It is very remote and really is in the desert country of Australia.

    1. Thanks, I am working as a cook on a huge cattle statiom, 3,000,000 acres. Quite funny really as Ive never been a cook and now Im cooking for 12 tonight, up at 4am and in bed by 8:30pm. Never been to the outback in Australia before very unique, it is near the centre in the desert country. Cheers Callie

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