10 thoughts on “Todays baking.

    1. Yes, ive been busy, there was a banana cake also but its in the freezer. At least im in front for the week now. I will put recipes on tomorrow hopefully if I have time. Im cooking on a cattle station and there will be about 11 to cook for at the end of the week so ill be extra busy then. Thanks for your like. Cheers Callie

    1. Thanks Kia, Im a godess in the kitchen now, as you know me better than anyone else, (as you are my bestest eva daughter) are you a bit shocked?, I am. I will put the recipes up today, hopefully. I have too cook up something different today got no idea what it will be,I just stumble along and PRESTO.

  1. Bloody good. Keep the food photography coming! I’m pretty envious of those cow boys out there, I never got treats like this on a daily basis. xx

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