Art weekend in the outback.

Last weekend I went to a creative art weekend, what a great time was had by all and a fantastic teacher who is an outback artist creating her magic from the channel country. I am certainly not an artist but enjoyed the whole experience, what was amazing was that all of us were very absorbed with what we were doing and forgot about the rest of the world. There was silence as the concentration levels were totally absorbed in the canvas.

Woomanooka from the air.


This is Woomanooka station from the air, I work and live here, my closest and only neighbour ( Durhan downs) is 40klm away and then no one for many miles.


I am cooking at Woomanooka, this is an out station of Durham downs station the entire property is close to 3,000,000 acres, if there was a bigger word than the word vast, than that would be how you would describe living it out here.

A great lifestyle with exceptional people, where everyone cares about each another.

Life is what you make it.