5 thoughts on “Birdlife in the outback.

    1. oh thank you, I only got to capture a few of the pelicans, there were hundreds, not something you expect to see in the outback of Australia, I think they come out here to breed when the seasons are good and then fly back to the coast. Last night I saw a huge white owl but unfortunately it fly off and didnt have time to get the camera. Its amazing out here all the wildlife is larger than near the coast, due to the fact of survival.Cheers Callie

    1. I was amazed to see all these pelicans so far from the coast, there were hundreds, unfortunately I was in a hurry driving back to where I work and it was a quick snap of the camera, I would have liked a few hours watching them. Hopefully tomorrow I have to go back but time might be a problem again. Cheers Callie

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