11 thoughts on “Looking at the lens.

    1. Thank you, he has a very creative face and his eyes tell a story.
      Cheers and thanks for your comment.

      1. I fly into Gold Coast for a few days, then Sydney for a week or so. I think, I will probably head to Melbourne and spend most of the summer there! I’d love to get to the outback for a bit while I’m in Australia, your photos are encouraging!

      2. it all sounds exciting, you should have a great time.
        Yes the outback is an amazing place, a void of vastness also an incredible lifestyle.If you decide to come out this way 2 major things are fuel and water!!!! and the heat is up to and above 50 degrees, it 38 degrees here today.
        Cheers Callie

      3. yea, beginning of August is a really nice time as all the wild flowers start to appear and the nights are cool and the days are nice. Keep in touch if you come out as I will be back next year,
        Cheers Callie

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