Graffiti at Brisbane Art Gallery

Last year we went to an Art Gallery in Brisbane and this was one of the photo I captured at the gallery.An amazing old building which is done up really funky.© Callie Codd photographer 2011

10 thoughts on “Graffiti at Brisbane Art Gallery

      1. Hi Callie,

        I painted that piece in 1998. The building itself has an incredible history and contains artwork/paintings by the now renowned sculptor Cezary Stuglis which preceeded mine.

        At the time that the painting was going on the place was in absolute dis-repair and had been left out of use for what must have been decades and the suburb was an industrial zone of disused warehouses.

        Ironically, there was nothing special about that piece when I painted it, stylistically it’s reduced to basic elements, more signwriting than art…but I think it’s just about the only piece that exists from that period of my youth.

        My friends often comment how ironic it is that it says ‘Dlema’ (dilemma) and appears as a stock standard backdrop in wedding photos. So there’s a tonne of newlyweds standing in front of the word Dlema.

        Happy photo-taking – Mark

      2. Hi Mark,
        thanks for the history, and I think your artwork is excellent, I was told when we were there it was the most used place in Bris for weddings, getting married is a bit of a dilemma (in my eyes)so it sort of fits the scene. cheers Callie

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