11 thoughts on “3 Week to go, then I will be on the coast.

  1. Beautiful images. You make me jealous. BTW was in Noosa (Heads) in 1994 and saw these little bears (Kaola?) in a tree. In 1998 I was again in Australia and a very ‘inspirational’ place I’d like to go back one day for making photographs is the Hippie enclave Nimbim. Cannabis growing in the garden of the police station. Loved it!!!

    1. Hi thanks for your comments,Ive been in the wild west for 8 months so looking forward to getting back to the coast.Funny you say about Nimbin, 1 of the ringers are from there and he is heading back in the next few days.
      Cheers Callie

      1. Thats normal, just not for me. 50-55 degrees until Feb.I feel for the ringer as they are out mustering and camping out at the moment,the nights are hot,hard to sleep.Just need to eat some concrete and toughen up.
        The forecast is for storms on the weekend, but out here you can just get bad lightening that starts fires,Im hoping that doesn’t happen.My friend rang last night and said I was mad to live out here, but I love the isolation,peace and quiet.
        Cheers Callie

      2. That’s certainly different from my world. Way too hot but then every place also has its benefits which you describe so well. Had to laugh at the eating concrete remark!

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