A ringer lifestyle.

20130413_828120130413_8287A ringer’s typical day.
The ringers (cowboys) live their lives in swags under the stars and camp out. They move cattle by horse or motor bike with the help of helicopters and planes, due the size of this property. When they yard the cattle up there other work begin,s where they process the cattle.
Norm is there camp cook who cooks over the coals and prepares all the meals for the ringers. This tough existence can become a challenge, but they are very adaptable people who enjoy the simplicity of life.
They all work incredibly hard and extremely long hours.

Horse breaking

20130411_7333This is one of the many shots I took over a 3 day horse breaking school. 

They start in a round yard by having the horse running around the yard, then as the horse starts to understand that they are in no danger the horse stops and sniffs the ground and looks at the trainer, the trainer backs off and walks backwards and after a while they walk up to the horse and put a rope around the neck.

Then after some lunging in the round yard they put a halter on the horse and pat the horse all over, so the horse can start to relax.
Next comes the saddle and this is one of those images.Some didnt mind others did. The course was amazing, with care and patience taken with the horses, at no stage was there any hitting or miss care taken, it is a new way of breaking and I approved of the way it was done, as I am very apposed to cruelty.


Look at the flies!!!

Look at the flies!!!

This image was taken over the weekend, they had a horse breaking school for 3 days.It was amazing to see these wild horses broken in with kindness and patience.The flies were unbelievably bad,as I captured this image the sun was starting to set and the light has captured all the flies.They annoyed all of us.