A ringer lifestyle.

20130413_828120130413_8287A ringer’s typical day.
The ringers (cowboys) live their lives in swags under the stars and camp out. They move cattle by horse or motor bike with the help of helicopters and planes, due the size of this property. When they yard the cattle up there other work begin,s where they process the cattle.
Norm is there camp cook who cooks over the coals and prepares all the meals for the ringers. This tough existence can become a challenge, but they are very adaptable people who enjoy the simplicity of life.
They all work incredibly hard and extremely long hours.

2 thoughts on “A ringer lifestyle.

  1. It’s amazing at what a camp cook can make over an open fire. My great-grandpa was a chuckwagon cook in the 1910s and 1920s, working from Texas to SE Colorado, when they still had cattle drives. When those drives went away, he worked for sheep ranchers. My dad is the one who knows all those stories.

    1. wow be great to get all the stories from your dad and write a book so as the stories can be carried on to the next generation.History amazes me, to see how hard they had it then, we dont know how lucky we are.
      cheers have a great day

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