5 thoughts on “Grave site at Durham

  1. This is a little bit weird, but when I dropped you a note the other day I was reading/researching another trip out to the Conerner Country way. There is a lot of history on and around Durham, a number of gravesites, and of course the traditional land of the Wangkumarra people. I understand there are a couple of old, unmarked gravesites belonging to unknown aborigines. These are written up in “Where the Dead Men Lie” by Bruce Simpson and Ian Tinney. Oddly, this when wasn’t recorded in their book.

    An aboriginal elder, Hope Ebsworth wrote about the area in his book “Bury Me at Tartulla Hill”. As I understand it there are numerous aboriginal sites on Durham Downs including the caves. His book is an interesting read of his people’s perspective.

    I’m fascinated by the region, its history and people, whilst I hope I go to Nepal, there is always the Corner Country to look forward to if I don’t! Cheers, Baz – The Landy

    1. Well that’s interesting as there are other unnamed graves there and I wondered what they were about,
      And yes there are many aboriginal site out here, I have been to 3 different sites, one is new.
      Yes there is a lot of history out here and Innaminka.
      Thanks for all that info, ill check out the book.
      cheers Callie

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