53 thoughts on “Curves and contours of the shifting red sand dune.

    1. Yes pretty magic dune, I wanted to get closer but there is a gas pipe line running in front that you cant get across. I will go back one evening as the sun is setting and hope there are some clouds to give a little drama to the image.
      cheers Callie

  1. Some of the colors are literally otherworldly!! I took pictures of some very orange hills in Guam once. What accounts for those deep reds and oranges where you are. Does the soil have a lot of clay?

    Wonderful images all ’round!! Thanks for visiting me and I sure have enjoyed the view of your world.

    1. The colours are amazing out here, I am on the edge of the simpson desert in Qld Australia,actually in the channel country.The closest shop is 4 hours drive away and our mail comes by plane once a week.Where I live is red sand and clay based underneath,it is mostly red,some area are white sand or rocky.The property where I work is 3,000,000 acres and they have cattle.I am just the cook.
      cheers Callie

  2. This is really cool. Is this close to where you are living? If it is and you have the time then following along with what you said about taking photos of this with a setting sun, this might look great in the early morning light. Another thought is that if you can get the right position try incorporating the pipelines you mentioned into some of your photos of the hill as an interesting juxtaposition adding tension.

    1. thanks for your thoughts.Its 45 min drive so not far,the pipe line is a fair way from the dune but if I can find the right position that would be a good idea,nature and man made pipe.if I took the sun rise it would be behind the dune but that could look good as the dune would be a silhouette,the late afternoon would really bring out the colours.
      Ive actually been passed its turn off today,I will definately get back in the next few months.
      cheers Callie


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

    1. thanks again,I should go back and walk before summer and the snakes return,cant afford to get bitten as we live in the middle of now where and we have the 5 deadliest snakes in this area.

      1. thats funny,how poisonous is your snake and what is it called.Our deadliest is the inland Tiapan which will chase you and you have about 10 min if you get bitten, they call it the Fierce snake. I have been attacked whilst driving the car, it was standing right up and the striked at the car.

      2. It’s the adder. If you got bit by several and couldn’t get to help, you might die but they’re not usually fatal. They’re very timid and not really all that big compared to the stuff you have over there. I like seeing them really 🙂

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