Outback sign.

20120513_9216 20120513_922120120511_9514Last year on our way to Birdsville we stopped at this sign post.When travelling in the outback care needs to be taken when travelling.

 Essentials to take with you are: spare tyres,water,2 wayradio/or Sat phone, ,extra fuel and move off the road for the huge road trains as they cant move off the roads.
The endless view makes you realise what a big country we live in.

7 thoughts on “Outback sign.

    1. No its fine just be prepared is the main thing, its a long time between other cars or trucks. The main thing is you never leave the car cause thats when people die either from thirst get lost or wild pigs and snakes.Apart from that its amazing and if there was a bigger name than vast that is how you would describe the area.
      cheers Callie

    1. There are plenty of things to watch out for,it took us 6 hours drive to get to Birdville and there are no towns or anything along the way.If you break down you stay with your car and hope someone comes along,thats why water is so important, I carry 20 litres all the time in the car.A guy broke down about 11 klm from where I live and nearly died, he was there 4 days before someone come along and he had no water and it was about 45 degrees.He obviously didnt have a 2 way radio or know we were only 11 klm away.Living in such a remote location makes you think about what you are doing, and take care.
      cheers Callie

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