The land of the dinosaur.

2013 06 23_4282This is on the way to Durham downs station, the hills in the distance is where I live.They have found dinosaurs out close to here and when you loook across the open plains you can imagine them wandering around in the huge open spaces.

Dingo’s dinner

20130622_0302I went to pick up our fruit and veg supplies and came across the dead kangaroo and the wild dog, this dingo obviously is crossed with a dog. I got out of the car and got quite close and it didnt run away,just off the side of the road where 2 wedgetail eagles waiting for there piece of the dinner.

Our supplies have arrived.

20130616_001620130616_001920130616_002820130616_0029Station life.

Our food supplies come every 3 months (Hopefully).The food is ordered in Brisbane  and comes to Quilpie by rail, then some one from the station drives the horse truck in and picks up the pallets of food. Quilpie is about a 4 hour drive and whilst they are in town they buys other things that are required for the station.We were all excited about it arriving as our stores were very low and cooking was becoming quite a challenge.4 of us unpacked the supplies and packed them in the store room.I live 30 min drive from the main station,its like an outing for me to go over there.


20130614_9997Radio’s out here are our  life line, all the guys have them on  them selves, there motor bikes,cars and in all the houses and we have repeater station to allow communication on this huge property.

Due to the remoteness and isolation, mobile phones don’t work out here and we have satellites for TV and internet connections.