45 thoughts on “Im trying to quit smoking,Wish me luck.

  1. I won’t wish you luck – as it would imply that I think failure is an option. Instead I say: May you kick butt!!! (pun – awfully- intended!)

    1. thank you,Im need to remember that craving only last a few minutes. Ive been busy this morning, the guys just came in for smoko, I hink they realise its NOT A GOOD IDEA TO ANNOY ME TODAY!!! yes im yelling.

      1. Well, I tried three times before I made, and ended up doing the Seventh Day Adventist program where you give up just about everything for the first couple of days. Lots of water and fruit juice – but it worked

      2. Ok, Ive got the juicer so I should get in and make some juice. Im chewing stale chewing gum at the moment.I need to keep my self busy.thanks for your help,I will start juicing.

      3. You won’t like the next bit – no tea, no coffee and no alcohol for a week… However I found that it was sufficient, whenever I got tempted, to drink a glass of water.

      4. Ive stopped coffee and alcohol, ive had a tea. I get our fruit and veg supplies on Friday (hopefully) so I will start juice and water than.thanks for your help I really appreciate it

    1. yes I know it will be worth it, the stale chewing gum is doing a good job for me this minute.I gave up for 2 year when I had my daughter but that was 21 years ago, I think Im ready to do it now.I might have to get some chewing gum sent out, as this is as hard as a rock.
      thank you Callie

  2. You can do this!
    My mom – a heavy (2+ packs a day) smoker for over 40 years – quit this spring. She went to a highly recommended hypnotist with my sister and came home with a CD of the session that she listened to each night as she went to sleep. More than two months later, and she still hasn’t picked up a cigarette. It’s still hard for her – she still wants them, but she said the first 3 days were definitely the worst.
    Seriously, best wishes!

    1. Thank you,I have a book “easy way to quit smoking” but I haven’t finished it yet, but I will this weekend.Because of my remote lifestyle getting to any help is just out of the question.But I think im ready to stop now, and they say thats the main thing….Ill be giving an update in 1 week.
      thank you

    1. THANKS,ooops yelling again, getting sick of the stale chewing gum….
      yes politics would be stressful, I dont suppose it makes it any easier when we quit as long as we succeed. I gave up when my daughter was born 21 years ago, so I can do it again. cheers callie

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Kick but says it well. I quit for the final time on Sept 19 1999. Had been smoking for ever. 40 years…Started at 14. Quit many times over the years. Hypnosis worked well once but I always went back to it after a few years. A lot is about ‘being around people that smoke’…that’s when I would always start back. Couldn’t stand the smell so I would start again. Both my kids smoke and still do….makes it difficult. I made a promise to my partner at the time that if he did…….can’t even remember what, I would quit smoking. He did it and I always keep my promise….that’s what worked for me….keeping my promise and once I had decided and given my word, the rest was easy. I substituted exercise…did gain an extra 10 pounds though….put you mind to it and you will do fine. The mind is ever powerful…more so than we give it credit for.

    1. it vis great to hear all the different ways that people stop the filthy, toxic habit… I am reading a book called easy way to quit smoking,I am over half way and its starting to make sense, the last chapter you put your last cigarette out.I feel the time is right so we will see how I go.
      thanks for all your comments and visiting my blog I really appreciate it
      cheers, have a great day Callie

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