20130614_9997Radio’s out here are our  life line, all the guys have them on  them selves, there motor bikes,cars and in all the houses and we have repeater station to allow communication on this huge property.

Due to the remoteness and isolation, mobile phones don’t work out here and we have satellites for TV and internet connections.

7 thoughts on “Communication.

  1. Wow I had not thought about that. I used to have a lot of radio gear and did some surveillance work at one time using interceptors and frequency counters and such. Those were the good old days. 🙂

    1. Hi Phil,yes if you broke down or had an accident you would be in big trouble and its important to let people know where you are going. There was a guy (tourist) nearly died 11 km from us, we had no idea he was there as he broke down and had no radio or water and they found him 4 days later and he had nearly perished.

  2. Just re-read your “About” page – with 3,000,000 acres, I suppose you’d have to have something to communicate. And apparently always extra water.

    1. yes,1 ringer died last year on a station close to us,there car broke down and walked 20km in severe heat and no water.If some get hurt,lost or break down its a huge place to try and find someone and then if you are hurt you have wild pigs and dingo to contend with.If you break down you stay with your car and have plenty of water and tell someone what part of the property you are going to.

      1. I have no idea about dingoes, but I understand wild pigs are nasty!
        Your landscape is harsh, but it sure is beautiful 🙂

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