Our supplies have arrived.

20130616_001620130616_001920130616_002820130616_0029Station life.

Our food supplies come every 3 months (Hopefully).The food is ordered in Brisbane  and comes to Quilpie by rail, then some one from the station drives the horse truck in and picks up the pallets of food. Quilpie is about a 4 hour drive and whilst they are in town they buys other things that are required for the station.We were all excited about it arriving as our stores were very low and cooking was becoming quite a challenge.4 of us unpacked the supplies and packed them in the store room.I live 30 min drive from the main station,its like an outing for me to go over there.

24 thoughts on “Our supplies have arrived.

  1. Three cheers for food!
    When you get your new shipments, is there anything fresh? Like Forestwoodfolkart said, I bet you have to do some serious planning to make your food last in the right ways.

    1. We get fresh fruit and veg, bread and eggs once a fortnight,it gets packed on a wednesday and we receive it on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday,so by the time we get it the bread is pretty yucky and some of the veg is not real good. my hardest thing is thinking of what to cook all the time,and preserving things we dont get much of.
      I use longlife milk and cream or powdered milk.We kill the beef and I am the butcher.

  2. I had to go back to your About page to see what it is you are doing on the Station. So are you there as the cook? Do you have beef most of the time?

    1. beef, oh yes I am sick of BEEF,I am the butcher as well,they bring the beast in the back of the ute with leaves over it and then it hangs for one night in the meat house and then it hangs in the cool room till I cut it up.

      1. Where did you learn to butcher … I wouldn’t even know where to begin! You must work your a** off! on that station!

      2. I didnt know anything about cutting up meat but Ive learnt since being out here,I have a good mincer and I make brine for the silver side. Yes and I do work my arse off, Im up at between 4-5am and finish at about 8pm,but its an INTERESTING life.

      3. I would actually totally get into working out there. I’ve worked farms and woodlots, been a woodland fire fighter and an ER Nurse. Hard work and intensity are things I’m drawn to … now butchering cattle …hmmm … might have to leave that to you 🙂

      4. wow you have done some interesting jobs,I wish I had come out here when I was much younger than I would have got my helicopter license, and done mustering in the helicopter, but I am to old now, by the time I got my license it would be nearly time to retire.

    1. Yes beef every day, a few times a day and Im over it, what Id give for some lamb.we get 6 chicken every 2 months for 6 people, I get 3 meals out of 2 chickens that’s our treat.We were so low on supplies before they came.

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