Dingo’s dinner

20130622_0302I went to pick up our fruit and veg supplies and came across the dead kangaroo and the wild dog, this dingo obviously is crossed with a dog. I got out of the car and got quite close and it didnt run away,just off the side of the road where 2 wedgetail eagles waiting for there piece of the dinner.

10 thoughts on “Dingo’s dinner

      1. Dingos —-OK Dogs —–Not OK Even though dingos are dogs. I don’t like the idea of baiting as it is too indiscriminate. I don’t enough enough about the problem to really judge though.

      2. they are a big problem,until people see the damage and they are starving because there are thousands of them, they dont try and wipe them out but control them, its actually the government that does the baiting not the farmers, they come out with the planes and bait, we arnt happy about it as we have to lock all the dogs up for months and wash car tyresetc

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