Male model shoot.

20130616_0190This is Jake “the cowboy” Jake was wearing his chaps only.

Im trying to get a calender together for next year of the


“channel country cowboys”. I need to do a little mmore work on the images.


Floating Ball of light.

university_architecturecallie Art041411 (214)I took this image whilst doing my Tafe course in 2011.

It was taken at the sunshine coast university, we had someone spin a LED light on the end of a cord arond in circles whilst they slowly turned around in a circle. I used a slow shutter speed and had the camera on a tripod.


Beautiful NZ

2011 01 21_0757I took this image when I went on a holiday to NZ, this was on the way to Glenorchy. I was blown away by the beauty in the south Island,also how clean and well set up for holidaying and driving a camper van around. As I climbed every mountain I couldn’t wait to see what was on the other side as I new it was going to be a breathe taking view.

I cant wait to go back and see some more of this beautiful country.

Working dogs

20130606_9756Blondy and Commet are really starting to work well with the cattle, they are both Kooloie’s. Blondy has ice blue eyes, they have the nicest nature when at home and work well with the cattle. Commet isnt 12 months old yet and is learning very fast.

Misty Maleny

2011 03 10_2182I was lucky enough to win a place in a competition for a calender for the township of Maleny.I woke up in the dark made myself a themos of coffee and arrived in the dark and started shooting as the sun began to rise and the mist lay in the hollows.

Maleny is a quaint little town in the hinterland of the sunshine coast.