The township of Windorah.


On our way to Longreach we stopped at Windorah for lunch.This is a very neat and tidy town with friendly people, and I can highly recommend the pub for lovely meals, and accommodation. I was amazed by the solar farm and seeing power poles as they dont exist where I live as all our power comes from generators..The Windorah  solar farm is the first solar farm trial near the town of Windorah Qld. The plant uses five concentrated solar dishes or reflectors. This is expected to save up to 100,000 litres of diesel fuel per year.The dishes contain 112 square mirrors,The five solar reflectors sit atop 13 metre masts and can rotate 360°.The array will produce about 180 kilowatts of electricity for up to 10 months of the year.

This Information is From Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “The township of Windorah.

      1. No Its sort of in the middle of know where, north east of Stonehenge.I havent been to Tompine yet, will go soon and see the pub, there is a gymkhana on at Noccundra this weekend so Ill go and get some shots and help out.

      2. Love Noccundra, usually camp down by the WH. Also, I flew an aircraft in and landed behind the pub many years ago…a bit rough, not sure if the airstrip is still there!

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