10 thoughts on “kangaroo’s

    1. they are very common, but I dont often see them as they stay away from the house,They were about 1 km away.On the coast you mostly see wallabies, but out in the west large kangaroos can be in plague proportions.If I drive to Quilpie( 4 Hour drive) you see hundreds and also emus.

  1. So cool! Interesting info in your comment above, too.
    I wonder if your kangaroos are like our whitetail deer. There are lots of them, and since their natural predators have been killed off, they can outstrip their natural resources and cause lots of human deaths in traffic incidents. We see loads of them, but they spook easily, too.

    1. yes they do cause accidents especially early morning and night.They aren’t really a problem out here but for people who grow crops they can be a problem. I still like them and fascinated by the strength in the hind legs and there tail is almost like another set of legs.

      1. Sounds surprisingly like our deer. Problems at the same time of day and with the crops. I cannot believe how gracefully the deer bound. I’d love to see the kangaroos in action 🙂 Especially with their impressive tails!

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