6 thoughts on “Brahman’s

    • Yes the ears are big and floppy hey,I actually spent the night at Noccoundra, so I shot close to 1000 photos, now the fun time of editing and sifting through which ones are worth keeping.My camera got some more dust in it,at the end of the year time to buy a new camera as the rapid fire isnt working all the time now.

      • Do you know which one you will get? You may not know that I still use a “super zoom / bridge camera” but want to graduate to a SLR this winter (after all, I did just buy a new motorcycle and I’m not rich)

      • I will be buying a Canon 5D mark 3, it is going to be expensive, but you wont need one like present I have 5oo D Canon, which is not the best camera,but my lens is very expensive,your lens is more important than you camera.
        Read some reviews before you purchase,I use canon but Nikon is equally as good.

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