Still no rain.

Still no rain:

The earth is starting to crack and crumble, the dams are drying up, the channels are empty and some paddocks are bare and starting to show the exposed rocks and barren earth.
The cattle are starting to require assistance with food and water,the droving begins; moving them to better  paddocks,which have been rested and still have feed.


9 thoughts on “Still no rain.

    1. they had 3 good years but this year No rain, on the east coast of Australia it hasnt stopped raining,Im not sure how the cycle goes, as Im only on my second year.
      The poor cattle get bogged in the dams that are drying and the guys have to drive every couple of days to pull them out and push them to where there is water, but they keep going back.

      1. Is there well or cictern water for cooking and washing or is it hauled or piped? Were you ever able to get that haircut you were wishing for a while back?

      2. The water that runs everything is from the Cooper river and we have rainwater (tanks) for drinking and cooking.
        No hair cut, I’ve grown it so I can put it up. Washing your hair in the river water is not the best the conditioner and the mud sort of mix together.
        Our power comes from a generators.
        cheers Callie

      3. Can you distil the river water to rinse your hair? River sediment on one’s scalp really is irritating … sometimes there are live things in it too ….here where I am, anyway. I also don’t use conditioner anymore. I’ve found that while it does temporarily close the hair follicles it also leaves a resifue that collects dust and lint and pollen and whatever is floating in the air, animal poop dust included. I’ve found that long is easier, despite what some folk say. A braid or plait is out of the way, flattering, and doesn’t collect dust and lint so much as short and loose. Also it doesn’t require washing as frequently. The longer tresses NEED the natural oils. I usually double my braid back up, to make a loop or pin the braid itself up to be out of the way so as to not get hung up on…whatever … drag across a burner when my back is turned. catch on a nail or fence wire ….Just some hairy thoughts ….

    1. that,s funny as we have a brand of coats called “dry as a bone” that all the stockman use to wear. Thats actually a good name for these two images.they are having a horsemanship course for the next 2 days so hopefully I will get time to go and take some photos after getting smoko and lunch organised.
      cheers Callie

    1. yes, but there isnt a thing you can do about it,maybe you could send some of your rain over. On the east coast of Australia it just hasnt stopped raining and we get none,thats a lie we had 4mm (wow) the other day and today its blowing a gale,so that little bits gone now.

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