Visitor for breakfast.

133107_3439My day begins at 5am (4am in summer time) to have a cooked breakfast ready by 6am, my normal breaky consists of steak,bacon,bubble and squeak patties,cooked tomatoe,mushrooms and toast, I try to vary things so it doesnt become boring.

This morning I had 2 extras, the grader driver was going to Quilpie to pick up supplies required for running the station. It is very common for people to turn up without notice,so it  pays to cook more than is required at all meals.
While they were eating I decided to go and capture this image of the station truck “Cooper King”, unfortunately my tripod was in the back of the car,  I was wanting to pick up the stars in the background a little better.
My normal days cooking is: breakfast,morning smoko, lunch and dinner. I cook for 6 normally but if the other station comes over it can be up to 25. At the moment my oven is out of action, so I am baking cakes etc in the electric frypan, things take a while to get fixed out here so it pays to be adaptable and think outside the square.

13 thoughts on “Visitor for breakfast.

    1. bubble and squeak is left over mashed vegies,and I add onion and cheese then make them into patties (rissoles) and fry them.
      Life is constantly a challenge,…… today I went to change generators over (we alternate between 2) and it wont start as that runs all our power, so I will just have to run the other till my boss gets back tomorrow I know what the problem is but Im not a mechanic. it keeps life interesting ha ha ha

  1. Such a fun post! I was familiar with the name bubble and squeak, but not morning smoko. You are a pretty awesome woman, Callie!

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