Plane brings goodies.

130308_3555Station plane:

The plane had to come over and take the boss for a fly to check if dams were drying up further and cattle might need to be moved.


Harry the pilot bought over out fruit and veg supplies for the next fortnight. YEHA


The plane is used for mustering the cattle. I am hoping I can go up sometime soon when they are mustering,they dont like others going up as it is dangerous and people get sick as the fly low and buzz the cattle to move them along.


PS: MY OVEN IS FIXED I will be cooking up a storm now.


5 thoughts on “Plane brings goodies.

  1. Some of the larger ranches here use light planes, occasionally a helicopter, to move their cattle. But, in many cases, it’s done with ATVs and on horseback.

      1. An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle. I think in Australia it’s called a four wheeler. There are a few large properties especially in eastern Colorado.

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