The corella’s are still here

130208_3587130208_3610The flock of Corella’s are around every day at the moment, and there must be some seed they like around the house. They are here in the hundreds,but everytime I get in the spot to try and capture them all they move. Ill never make a wild life photographer.

14 thoughts on “The corella’s are still here

  1. Hi Callie, have you tried getting close to the spot where they come to feed a bit earlier than they usually arrive and waiting for them? If you can find a spot that’s slightly obscured or in the shadows and then keep very still they’re more likely to ignore your presence. I also always use my 75-300mm for photographing the birds!

    1. hi Sarah, thanks for the tips, but at the time they arrive i am trying to get dinner organised as that is my paying job.But when I have the weekend off I will give that a go as the birds are in the trees near the house so I dont have to go far.
      I have a 28-300mm lens which I use for everything out here as I am too scared to take it off my camera as it is all full of dust.
      cheers Callie Keep the tips coming

      1. You’re in a pretty dusty part of the world! That lens has a good range. I’m trying to save for a 150-500 for the wildlife work! Hope you get a free time slot soon to see if you can get more shots of them 🙂 What other bird life do you have around you there?

      2. Yes Id love a 150-500mm but that will have to wait $$$$….
        We have galahs,top notch pigeons,kites,wedgetail eagles,Brolgas,willy wag tails,crows etc they are the main ones,in summer we get heaps of zebra fiches and budgies they come to cool down under the sprinkler when it gets between 40 – 50 degrees,it great then as they land on the lawn and bathe in the puddles of water.
        cheers Callie

      3. I LOVE wagtails 🙂 We have three in the UK but I’ve only managed to photograph the two more common ones. I keep meaning to go and photograph the Red Kites from my friends garden in Berkshire. They were almost extinct in the wild here until around 20yrs go when the hard work of many breeders started to pay off. Beautiful birds to watch!

  2. unbelievably awesome shot, with the wire behind them, they look like they are attached to a machine. I’ve never seen a flock of them, are they like owls or not? oh and I have spent years trying to capture a good shot of this blue heron who fishes on the river near my house…every time I get there, I either can’t get close enough or he sees me and flys away….dern bird! lol some day……

    1. These are part of the parrot family we have them and Galahs (pink and grey birds) they are real character.I got some more shots yesterday which I will put on soon, I had to keep following them half way down the paddock, getting these burrs through my thongs and I was as quiet and sly as possible.Id love another lens so I could zoom in further.

      1. you and me both! I need a whole new camera! stepped on mine a few months ago….nearly cried! just tragic! lol and ps…I love you devotion!

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