17 thoughts on “Natures patterns

      1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I am sure you will make the right choices for your next move. I am also curious if you make money with your photos, as I want to start selling mine but don’t know where to begin.

      2. I sell my images out here,but only to ringers,etc as when I go to the events they ask me will I sell them some images.I could make good money from it if I went to all the events out here. But other wise No, when I get back to the coast I will set up a website and see how that goes.I might do realestate photography for a while.

      3. Well that is good. I believe that my WordPress blog is my website and I have a small mention on my About page about those who want to buy them. I can use the leverage of WP, as I cannot with a website. Who will know how to find it? I also have about 20 random photos already framed and ready to go as gifts, etc., But I do not have a gallery or any place to display them. So I don’t really know what to do.

        I am in the states. Do you know what I would have to do if I wanted to do real-estate photography? I suppose I would need a portfolio of some sort, which I don’t have in regard to houses, interiors, etc. How do you plan on doing this?

        I hope I am not bugging you with these questions, but I am ready to go pro now and I’m sort of lost. So I look to you as someone who is a mentor and a more established photographer.

        Thanks 🙂

      4. I feel honoured that you would even ask me and thanks.
        Real estate photography you need a wide angle lens and a flash.You would give real estate offices your business card and what you would charge by the hour (remember editing takes up your time) I used to be a real state agent and do all the photography for our office.You need to start small and work your way up,I also do cards and sell them through shops in the outback so that is another avenue.
        Do you have markets over there,that is another way to get out there.
        i have all these thoughts of what Id like to do, but I have house payments and need a primary jobs so that makes it a bit hard.
        and no your not bugging me
        cheers Callie

      5. Thanks for this wonderful response. I will def think about the real estate idea. Don’t have all the equipment yet. But I love your idea about the cards–especially if they don’t need to be framed. I might try that route. Anyway, thanks again for the reply and the constant support of my blog.

        By the way, I have been nominated by another blogger for the Family Blog Award. In order to get it I have to nominate 10 others who have influenced me this far and let them know by private message. They do not have to accept in order for me to get the award, but their link will ultimately be in a public post. It is a lot of work for me to do this, as there are other steps involved so I am 80% interested. Having said that, would you mind if I mentioned your blog as one of the 10? I understand that some photographers might not want this. Please let me know–thanks.

      6. I glad I have been some help, I use Vista prints for my cards,check them out as they are overseas as well as Australia. Yes its fine to mention my blog but I have no time to do anything as I am busy getting organised for my exhibition and leaving the outback, I only have 21 days before I go,I will miss my boss and this area.
        cheers good luck with everything
        Cheers Callie

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