Back to normality.

20120206_6389With only 15 days before I leave my isolated station life,I think “OH what Im going back too”  traffic,noise,pollution,people,hectic pace in life,mobile phone.

I will really miss the lifestyle in the outback, the simple basic lifestyle,no mobile phones,no traffic,no shops…………good honest people who except you for who you are,everyone is so friendly and welcome you, no matter where you go.


I will also miss this rugged landscape and harsh environment, but I wont miss the millions of flies and the extreme heat.


Bitumen ends and dirt begins.

133008_4584This point on the road you go straight and take the dirt road for another 60km.When I leave the coast and come out here it is 1400 km to this point and then the 60 km of dirt. The dirt can be rough and  rocky untill you get close to where I live and then it becomes vivid red sand.