16 thoughts on “My home in the desert.

    1. yes it is mostly flat, there is an area called cooks well (just on the property) and it has unusual hill I will put a pic on as soon as I edit more,most of the images have the plane window in them as that was where I was shooting from as I am to short to see over the dash of the plane. I had a go at steering for about 3 minutes.Ill leave that to the professionals…

    1. thanks I was very lucky to go up in the station plane and was able to capture some images.Its always different when you see from the air.Its one isolated area out where I am living, but i will be leaving on the 25th of this month,so who knows where I will end up????

    1. Thanks Phil,from the station there is 360 degree of nothing,very isolated,very red,lots of flies,severe heat,and I love it out here.Simplicity of life is what I like,one needs to think outside the square and be adaptable for every situation.Water is the most important thing when travelling out here because if you break down you could be there for days before you see a single car go by,and people die out here because they aren’t prepared with that simple thing called water, and you stay with your car.

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