The Palomino.


14 thoughts on “The Palomino.

    • thanks they are magnificent animals, this horse was missing its mate so it was doing a bit of prancing around. Yes you should get some photos of your daughter and see her confidence and progress grow.How long has she been riding?As a kid I lived on a horse but I have only had 2 small rides out here, Im getting on and dont think Id bounce to well if I hit the ground.
      cheers Callie

      • She has loved through books about horses as long as she could talk, but she has really just begun riding. She has it in her heart and I can remember loving horses as a child, but just never getting the chance to even really be around them. She is lucky as she has a grandma who bows to her every whim.

      • Thats nice she has a great grandma,riding creates a sense of freedom and confidence also great for posture, and its nice when you create a bond with a horse.Hope she has a great time learning,Im sure she will.

  1. Fabulous captures of a prancing horse enjoying his antics. It seems as if he would jump out of the picture. These photos are brimming with energy and colour of the outback.

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