14 thoughts on “The Palomino.

    1. thanks they are magnificent animals, this horse was missing its mate so it was doing a bit of prancing around. Yes you should get some photos of your daughter and see her confidence and progress grow.How long has she been riding?As a kid I lived on a horse but I have only had 2 small rides out here, Im getting on and dont think Id bounce to well if I hit the ground.
      cheers Callie

      1. She has loved through books about horses as long as she could talk, but she has really just begun riding. She has it in her heart and I can remember loving horses as a child, but just never getting the chance to even really be around them. She is lucky as she has a grandma who bows to her every whim.

      2. Thats nice she has a great grandma,riding creates a sense of freedom and confidence also great for posture, and its nice when you create a bond with a horse.Hope she has a great time learning,Im sure she will.

  1. Fabulous captures of a prancing horse enjoying his antics. It seems as if he would jump out of the picture. These photos are brimming with energy and colour of the outback.

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