Back to normality.

20120206_6389With only 15 days before I leave my isolated station life,I think “OH what Im going back too”  traffic,noise,pollution,people,hectic pace in life,mobile phone.

I will really miss the lifestyle in the outback, the simple basic lifestyle,no mobile phones,no traffic,no shops…………good honest people who except you for who you are,everyone is so friendly and welcome you, no matter where you go.


I will also miss this rugged landscape and harsh environment, but I wont miss the millions of flies and the extreme heat.


17 thoughts on “Back to normality.

    1. yes your right,you can obviously see that I will really miss life out here,but who knows where Ill end up,hopefully it will be new and exciting and a bit unusual.Thanks for all your kind words and support,I really appreciate it
      you have a lovely day

    1. oh yes I will,the flies are starting to be bad, and the heat is approx 36-28 degrees,I certainly wont miss the 48-50 degrees heat.I will have more oof a chance to check out everyone blogs as I will have more time,cheers Callie

  1. Callie, wishing you well as you head back to civilisation and all it’s ‘doings’.
    You will surely miss the outback and it’s wonderful people.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you!!!

      1. I know what you mean Callie!
        The unknown is always the hardest… wishing you all the very best 🙂
        Hope you’ll be using your beautiful photography in whatever you’re doing.

    1. yes I will certainly miss out here,it has been a real pleasure to have had to opportunity to document the outback through my lens,I have no idea where Im going for my next adventure.I need work so who knows where it will be???I will be around the sunshine coast for a while so that will be nice.
      cheers Callie

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