Sydney Opera House.


Our Exhibition: Camden Library, Sydney. Exhibits for the month of October.


Artist Kristy Mcgregor


Photographer Callie Codd.

At the beginning of October, Artist Kristy Mcgregor and my self had our opening night of our exhibition in Camden, Sydney.We had a very successful night. Our exhibition sheds light on life on one of the largest cattle stations in Australia.The story we tell celebrates the resilience and strength of theses who call the edge of the desert home.Most importantly, it shows the brilliance of life and community that flourishes amounts the harsh and desolate landscape.

We are raising money for the Royal flying doctor service, a lifeline to those who live in remote locations, we have reached $861 so far, if anyone would like to make a donation or go in our raffle please email or leave a comment.

14 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House.

  1. I would love to have seen the exhibition but a bit difficult from here in New Zealand. Good on you raising money for the Flying Doctor Service. Maybe you could put a book together about the exhibition some time…

    1. Thank you, I did a book for the exhibition as 3rd prize,and I have had so much interest that I am looking into getting it published.
      Sydney was a culture shock after the outback,and I drove 1600km to sydney then 1200km to Sunshine coast.I will put together the images used in the exhibition.
      cheers Callie

  2. Hello dear Callie … tried looking for your posts the other day after my little three week break from blogging and couldn’t find you … so glad you found me again :-). Are you on the Sunshine Coast now? … I’m waving to you right now ha ha! … your work is amazing and I would gladly buy one of your books xxx

    1. Hi and yes Im back after thousands of kilometres,and being swarmed with people instead of flies.Yes Im at the sunshine coast for a while then off to Yeppoon and then ????? Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate your support. I am looking at getting book published,see how that goes.
      cheers Callie

    1. Thanks David,I was lucky enough to sell 4 images on the opening night,just need to sell the rest now.I did all my prints on aluminium they have a high gloss and you can clean them.Just need to raise more money for the royal flying doctors.
      cheers you have a great day

  3. Callie, so good to “see” you! First: that image of the opera house is one of the most interesting and beautiful that I have seen. Such a different perspective, but still so easily recognizable.
    I am so proud, perhaps it’s better to say impressed that you had such a successful exhibition! Congratulations! Can you post a link to the Royal Flying Doctors?

    1. thank you, the Opera house is an amazing building considering its age (not thats its ancient) as it still is modern. I will try to get a link to the flying doctors for you, they are a life line and don’t receive much government funding, and I am very passionate about them and their service to all remote communities.
      Lets hope I can get into the mines and make some money and I will come over and visit you and your part of the world.
      cheers Callie

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