5 thoughts on “Photo essay the heart of Australia.

  1. About 15 yrs ago I was in/nr Toowoomba (Qld) at a giant operation where they processed annually 150,000 cattle for the Japanese market. Meat had to be marmered. Therefor they had about 90 paddocks where the cattle could eat as much as they wanted and every day they moved one paddock closer to the slaughter house. At the time I made (as photo journalist for a Dutch agricultural magazine) pictures of the full process. From entering the first paddock to the (almost fully automated) process of slaughtering and packing … Not the nicest thing to picture … Wonder if that operation is still there….

    Greetings from a wonderful village in South Africa,


    1. thats interesting info,I dont know if they do that anymore, as the property I was on was close to 3000,000 acres and the paddocks are so big, and they carry 125,000 head of cattle, they were de-stocking as they are in drought.From Feb till Sep we only had 14mm of rain.
      I would love to get to South Africa,I have 2 wishes in life and one is to go there and the other isAlaska.
      Im hoping to get work in the mines and save enough money to fulfil my dreams.
      cheers Callie

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