Name and Like Me on Facebook Competition

Hey everyone, it’s time for another competition!! Like this photo and comment on facebook, create the most creative caption and go into the draw to win this limited edition (8 x 12″)  print. Winner will be selected at the end of this month. Good luck! 



7 thoughts on “Name and Like Me on Facebook Competition

    1. thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment nd the time you have taken to view my images. My camera is a canon ( not an expensive DSLR) my lens is a 28-300mm L series canon lens very good lens and versatile but very heavy, and I have just bought a macro 100mm lens very good quality. I won’t buy cheap lenses rather wait till I can afford prime series. I would love a new camera but have to wait $$$$.
      thank you have a fantastic day, Callie

      1. thank you, I too want a new camera, a full frame, and bigger MP. I cannot justify spending so much money, since it is just a hobby. I have a Canon Eos 400d with 18-55mm lense. I was going to spend $1500 on the 100mm lense, but decided to test my existing lense with the macro photography first. I found I could achieve comparable pics, and saved the $1500. I want the bigger MP camera for printing larger print sizes.

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