Exhibition Images “THE LAND OF EXTREMES”

These are some of the images which will be displayed in my Exhibition. All the coloured photos are printed on Aluminium and ready to hang.The sepia are are printed on photographic paper and framed with a white boarder.

27 thoughts on “Exhibition Images “THE LAND OF EXTREMES”

      1. I know. Was at a farm once, somewhere West of Roma (Qld) and had to drive 25 km from the entrance to the farm house …. And than the farmer said (was 1998): :I could have collected you with one of my planes…” I am a bit known between Noosa Heads, Nimbim (!!! 😀 ) and West of it up to Ayers Rock. My sister lives in Pomona (nr Noosa)

      2. oh wow, so you know the area, I was 8 hours west of Roma.I know Pomona its just down the road from me (well at the moment) see if your sister would like to come to my exhibition and she can tell me all about you…

  1. I have to tell you, Callie, that I am so impressed that you are doing this. I completely get your comment about the swimming duck! Despite understanding that, your images are stunning and I can’t wait to hear about the exhibition! Best of success and calmness under pressure!

    1. thank you yes i get a bit nervous and think am I doing the right thing, I just need to sell some to cover my costs. I have a job interview at Brisbane, the job is at Eromanga (the furtherest town from the sea) out near where I was, it was our closest town to us, about 30 people live there and emus stroll around everywhere.
      cheers Callie

    1. oh you are so right about the choosing,it took me weeks to decide and I had more done on Monday, and it costs a lot, the aluminium prints are very expensive so cross you finger I sell a few and raise a lot of money for the royal flying doctor service.

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