12 thoughts on “Six Foot Goanna

    1. it took my cigarettes I was hitting it with the hose,it didn’t listen so the other girl I worked with traded bacon and he soon went for that.. was funny he was back to day and billy the dog was barking at him, bet the goanna was thinking what a great lunch Im about to have.

    1. Yes it was posing beautifully, than is stole my cigarettes so we swapped that for bacon.ha ha its a sign I should have given them up. I thinks it more what they eat that gives a nasty infection if they bite but Im not sure this one seems quite friendly as it hangs around and doent seem too worried about us.

  1. I see where knights of old might have gotten the idea for their chain mail protection. Excellent photo!
    And I am sorry that things are rough these days, Callie! Hang in there!!

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