12 thoughts on “The old truck.

      1. Oh is the internet slow? I’m sorry to hear that! 😦

        Please stop by my blog, “The Chicago Files” anytime! I’ll keep following your amazing work! Cher xo

      2. I would love to stop by your blog but it takes me 1 hour to upload 1 photo, I live in the furtherest town from the sea and the satellite is old and the equipment outdated, 2015 is when they will be putting a new satellite in.

      3. Oh I totally understand, Callie! In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy your photos when you are able to put them on your blog. There is one particular photo you put on your site about a week or so ago. It was a road and it looked like there was a field at the end of it. It looked like it was around dusk. Absolutely enchanting! 🙂

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