Thirsty Kangaroo.


This image was taken a couple of weeks ago, the poor skinny roo drinks from the water hole that is slowly drying up. The animals in the area are all so weak and skinny, the sheep and cattle are just bags of bones foraging on leaves and dead grass, the emus and roo’s are weak and slow and  dying where they lay. The dingos,wild cats and eagles are thriving on the weak and fragile livestock that remain.

Last night we had a storm and this morning the rain looks like its set in for a few days. oh I hope so. This will bring great relief to the farmers, animals and this harsh environment.


10 thoughts on “Thirsty Kangaroo.

      1. Farmers here in the Kaipara are doing it hard as well, but not to that extent, although they are having to bring in feed and send cattle out or to the works. One of our farming neighbours is struggling with depression. So glad you’ve got rain now

    1. we have had some rain 38mm and up to 200mm so thats wonderful we are very lucky and the animals will be starting to repair from such a long and savage drought, we need alot more but its great to get some.
      cheers Callie

      1. We are in the same predicament here in southern California. These past few days we have had only our 2nd rain of the season. All our plants & wildlife are so grateful.

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