Eromanga would like to thank Buy A Bale.

Copy right Callie C Photography

I have put together this photo essay of the hay arriving in Eromanga.

Eromanga would like to thank the Buy a Bale campaign, who are helping so many drought stricken farmers with hay to feed their starving stock.

The community of Eromanga appreciate the donations from all the people who donated to this very worthy cause and have made them feel they are not forgotten.A big thanks to Shorty for the delivery.   I have attached the buy a bale website so you can see the great work they are doing for everyone and if you would like to donate money or time check out the website.

4 thoughts on “Eromanga would like to thank Buy A Bale.

      1. All good here in Virginia! I’ve had 13 procedures on the mouth, and hope to be done by July! Maybe on the new bike in May (fingers crossed!). Also – bought my first DSLR, the Canon 60D and am learning!
        I’ll look forward to learning your next plan and destination!

      2. you poor girl,OMG you must be getting sick of procedures on your mouth. Oh great you got a new Canon 60D, shame I couldnt come over and give some tips of what I know, but unfortunately I haven’t won the lotto yet…still trying.yes I wish I new where to go and what to do but I guess I will find out,just want to get some shearing shots and the dinosaurs out at a station near here.
        take care

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