Meet the outback legend “Giggles”


Last Saturday 19/4/14 we had a Karaoke night down at the Royal Hotel in Eromanga where all the locals, miners and tourists all enjoyed a fun night .

Giggles shaved his 4 year old beard and head to raise money for prostate cancer, this is obviously a before photo, Giggles raised $1400

I shaved my head to raise money for the royal flying doctor service and raffles a photo and I raise $900.

We had a BBQ which also raised a large amount of money and an easter egg raffle.

Everyone had an awesome night!!!

When I catch Giggles next,I will take an after shot, you can hardly recognise him Well done Giggles!!

14 thoughts on “Meet the outback legend “Giggles”

    • we will see what we can do, I had another trim with a blade 3 yesterday as it was a bit rough the night it got done, some random drunk man with blunt clippers started and onother lady finished it in very bad light. all fun though

  1. I was fortunate enough to be present for the Royal Hotel karaoke extravaganza and enjoyed a great night with the Eromanga locals. Outback hospitality is alive and well in Eromanga, thanks for the memories

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