Cyclone Marcia and her fury.

Cyclone Marcia category 5 unleashes her fury on  Yeppoon, central Queensland last Friday.

This is my home in Yeppoon I am amazingly lucky with little damage done after Marcia hit Yeppoon, I was very anxious to see how my house was after the cyclone, as I  live an 8 hour drive away. My sister came with me, before we got to Rockhampton evidence of Marcia was becoming very clear with trees over everywhere, power lines down, shops closed and workman everywhere. As we got closer to Yeppoon the distruction was more apparent with huge trees down, mangled tin,twisted sign posts and street lights and debris everywhere you look, the fury of Marcia was becoming very evident.Many homes with no roofs or walls,  a crumples mess especially in the area of my home, so many have lost everything.

The town had done so much work in 4 days, all the streets were line with debris piled high out the front of homes, some homes had power but not many. The council had organised insurance companies, council workers and all emergency out lets in one building in the heart of the town to make life so much easier and were all so helpful and nice.

My big Gumtree and silky Oaks are my biggest problem as they are so huge, I also have another which has fallen across the creek, and another tree from another neighbouring property. W cleaned all we could and hopefully the broken window will be fixed soon before more rain comes as I have people waiting to move in. But I am very lucky.2502_7839


11 thoughts on “Cyclone Marcia and her fury.

    1. Oh I am so lucky I have rented the home to some one who has lost everything. The people are resilient but Im sure if they heard the word Another cyclone is coming panic would set in. Mother nature can be so delicate and beautiful or it can be ferocious as it has in Yeppoon and surrounding areas.

    1. Oh I am so lucky my damage is so minute compared to others,to see the devastation is quite unbelievable,my only problem is my beautiful gum tree and under that is a silky oak tree. I rented it out to a family that lost everything yesterday. I should have taken more photos,there is a house which looks like a dolls house, bed all made but no walls many roofs off, it will take some time to get things back to normal but I am still amazed how much has been done already.

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