These poor Orangutangs were so bored at the zoo at Melbourne,they were obviously well cared for and the environment was very clean but it was so sad to see these animals need to be free.If they need to be captured for there safety they enclosures need to provide a life close to what they are accustomed to..

4 thoughts on “Orangutang

  1. Just spent some time perusing you wonderful blog, and your amazing sky and sea scapes, brilliant captures. This one on the “Orangutan”, stuck a chord, hence the reblog. Surly the powers that be in Austrailia should be doing their best to eliviate the Orangutan’s desperate stituation in the wild, and ban them from being kept in captivity? As you are probably well aware, the exporting of Austrilian wildlife was banned many years ago, and had it not done so, then there would of been a probabilty that those animals/plants would be extinct by now. As to why endangered species are allowed to be importted, unless it is for beeding to export back from whence they came, is beyond my comprehension!

    1. Thank you for looking at my blog, I don’t have a lot of time these days to upload many photos or take many. Yes theses poor oranutangs I could never go back to that zoo, i felt for the elephants as well. We have a zoo at the Sunshine coast which is wonderful all the animals have space and natural habitat, and they really do all they can to save animals all over the world.
      cheers have a great day Callie

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