Oh How I miss this place

20130428_8487Isn’t it funny when Im at the coast I miss the outback desert and when Im in the outback I miss the coast.Mind you I see beauty where ever I am, as nature is an amazing.

5 thoughts on “Oh How I miss this place

  1. True that Callie Codd! But I feel like it’s all the memories that flood back when u look at those pics. I guess u even know that even if u went back there u could never recreafte it either. I think at some stage we all leave at least a little bit of our heart somewhere in the middle of the desert for lots of different reasons but we all share that same love for that place that’s like being in a different world compared to where we really come from. Not to mention there are just some ppl u miss forever… Missing u Callie Codd xxx

    1. Yes you are right Davina but I wish I was back there at times, as you probably do too. Was an amazing experience to live out there and who knows whats around the corner in life.Take care talk soon.xx

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