Ausway Tours itineraries.​

auswaytours 3OUR FOCUS IS ON YOU!

Our itineraries are tailored for the 45 plus age demographics, specialising in solo and small group Tours. No matter what tour you’re looking for, we ensure that comfort and superior accommodation is a must. We pride our tours on including high-quality dining experiences and enjoyable adventures. Travel in comfortable coaches to ensure each journey is a relaxing one.

Just as each person is unique and special, so are our tours. Designed to offer a unique theme depending on your preferred interests. Whether you’re seeking to wine and dine in metropolitan locations or relax and unwind while visiting tropical islands and sandy beaches – these are just some of the many different aspects that we focus on at Ausway Tours.

Ausway Tours – Eco Adventures:  Join us on our nature tour, learn about our delicate environment, wildlife, and the natural wonders of Australia, Ausway Tours will take you to unique habitats & island diversity, waterfalls, nature walks, Eco River cruises, snorkelling & swimming, canoeing, turtle hatching  & bird watching. Perfect for those who loves nature and our unique environment, beautiful scenery & unique cultural landscapes unlike no other.

Ausway Tours – Cultural Experience: Designed for those who appreciate unique art, wine, cheese, history and culture. Explore art galleries, taste local wines, cheese and produce, experience local and indigenous cultures, visit historical locations, creative markets and theatrical performers.

Ausway Tours – Sunshine Coast Tour: Explore and discover what the Sunshine Coast has to offer, situated 100 km north of Brisbane. Renown for the breathtaking coastline, diverse river systems, Noosa biosphere and the green rolling hills of the hinterland. Being recognised as one of the top holiday destinations in Australia, enjoy the relaxed and carefree lifestyle and perfect weather.

Ausway Tours – Mind Body & Soul: These tours are dedicated to find the inner you and leave this tour feeling totally revitalised with new skills to apply to one’s self in the relaxation of your own environment. Workshops in yoga, meditation, healthy cooking classes, mindset lessons and so much more as well as exploring unique regions of Australia.

Ausway Tours – creative & Innovative: The hands-on tour! Enjoy a variety of workshops discovering different learning experiences combined with sightseeing, river cruises and gourmet dining. Some of our creative workshops include – photography, art, basket weaving, learn to surf/ stand up paddle boarding, jewellery making and so much more Let us know your interests and hobbies.

Please email let us know your interests and your preferred travel designations so we can hopefully add this to our tours. Love to hear from you.

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