Everglades Noosa

Yesterday I went to the Noosa Everglades to explore and take images for our Sunshine Coast Tour and Eco Tours. The experience was outstanding. I canoed for 5 km through the tranquil mirrored waterways, listening to the sound of birdlife, definitely an unforgettable experience.

The birdlife was just amazing we were lucky enough to come across this Darter or Snakebird sunning its self.

The Everglades is a scenic waterway situated in the upper Noosa River and its tributaries form part of the Noosa River catchment with two-thirds of this catchment being protected within the national park. The dark tannin-stained waters offer spectacular reflections of the twisted paperbarks and bloodwoods that line the riverbanks. The surrounding wetlands of the upper Noosa River also provide extensive nurseries for juvenile fish and other aquatic life.

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