Floating Ball of light.

university_architecturecallie Art041411 (214)I took this image whilst doing my Tafe course in 2011.

It was taken at the sunshine coast university, we had someone spin a LED light on the end of a cord arond in circles whilst they slowly turned around in a circle. I used a slow shutter speed and had the camera on a tripod.


Railway Tracks.

Copy right is owned by Callie Codd.
Copy right is owned by Callie Codd.                                                                                                                                                            This image was taken last year for the exhibition our class held. I shot this photo at Imbil station where the “old Mary Rattler” travels from Gympie to here.The Old Mary Rattle is a old steam engine and the station at Imbil is very quaint and in original condition from many years ago.